Why the Pros Choose Parasound Amplifiers
The same audio tools used in filming your favourite movies can be used in your own home when you buy from Parasound. The speakers, subwoofers and audio tools used by the professionals to hear their films as they were meant to be heard are available for you to do the same.

Major producers such as LucasFilms have used Parasound for their films. Audio engineers utilised Parasound amplifiers to handle on-set noise and distractions, making post-production much easier and providing the audience with some of the richest music and sound effects ever created.

You don’t need to be a pro to appreciate the amazing special effects and rich music that comes out of a Parasound system. Our limited warranty provides you with peace of mind that your system will keep its high quality for years to come. With Parasound Amplifiers, you will finally be able to hear the movies the way they were meant to be heard.

• Lucasfilm™ • Sony Pictures™ • Warner Brothers™
Ben Burtt – 4 time Oscar winner sound design/mixing Star Wars (3), ET, Indiana Jones (2)

• Pixar™ • 20th Century Fox™ • Universal Pictures™
Randy Thom – 3 time Oscar winner sound design/mixing The Simpsons Movie,
Raratouille, Harry Potter

• Oliver Stone • Kanye West • Skywalker Sound™
Gary Rydstrom – 4 time Oscar winner sound design/mixing T2, X-men, Jurrasic Park,
Star Wars (2), Raratouille